Are you ready to invest in your Happiness?

She Got Happy offers you a variety fabulous options to help you to Start Prioritising your Happiness.

The philosophy of She Got Happy is based on the belief that getting happy should be a fabulously indulgent and luxurious experience. So with this in mind…. She Got Happy offers you a variety of fabulous individual coaching packages that are designed to help you shift from sitting on the sidelines wishing to be happier to one that encompasses lots of support, encouragement, strategies and permission to Get Happy.

She Got Happy also runs delicious and intimate workshops that include a blissful day of discovering, dreaming, designing, and doing Happy. As you can probably tell, She Got Happy doesn’t do beige—we do fabulous—so these workshops are held at inspiringly magnificent locations with plenty of treats, like-minded women, and lots and lots of FUN. Oh, and sparkly drinks—no She Got Happy event will ever be without sparkly drinks…over my dead body!


“Everyone needs a Mel in their corner. Mel is hilarious, personable, infectious, effervescent, supportive and tough when needed. She coached me through very challenging times in my life and I always have felt safe, understood, supported and nourished. Do your body, mind and soul a favour and get happy with Mel!” – Jessica

“For years I have wondered what truly makes me happy. ME. ME as an individual. Not ME as someone’s daughter, wife, sister, aunty, employee. I have never been able to find the answer. Mel used her brilliant coaching skills to help me find my happy place. I now have a beautiful writing area in my home where I can sit and listen to music, read and write . . Because, as Mel helped me discover, this is what truly makes my soul happy. Mel thank you for being an exceptional happiness coach! Your approach was just so down to earth and real! I was inspired by you and your aura and cannot believe how easily you were able to lead me to the answers I needed. My writing space happy space in my home has helped ME reunite with my soul. It is very special and I thank you for that. I highly recommend Mel to anyone who wants to find the happiness within their soul.” – Tonia

“Kind. Compassionate.Understanding. Caring. Brilliant. These are just some of the words that come to mind when I think about my happiness coach Melanie Else. She taught me practical skills and strategies which actually work, and have allowed me to change my life. Thanks to Mel I now believe in myself and look to the future with excitement.” – Mat

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