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April 4, 2017
All I want for Christmas Day 2: Avoid Perfection
December 1, 2017


All I want for Christmas is 24 Days of Happiness Series

Day 1

The Value of Christmas

Christmas is upon us…. it’s the 1st of December; a date that can evoke a variety of emotions.


Unfortunately for some, the silly season is not always a happy time. It may be a time of stress, chaos and overwhelm.


The “All I want for Christmas is 24 days of Happiness Series” is designed for those who need a little help to cope with the demands and disruptions that often come with the festivities of December.


Today is Day 1 – The Value of Christmas and it’s a perfect place to set your pace and focus for the days ahead.



It’s easy to get caught up in the tornado of festive pressures. Invitations to every event going around are flooding in. Buying presents for friends and family who have everything is tiresome.


And often we are bombarded with images of what a “perfect Christmas” should be, making the pressure of the “happiest time of the year,” leaving you feeling exhausted and filled with resentment.


Heres how you can boost your happiness, right from the beginning:

Get clear on what you value about Christmas.

Knowing what Christmas means to you helps you connect with the most important aspects of the season that  bring you the most joy and happiness.

  • Do you value your family? Then focus your Christmas energy on spending time with your family.
  • Do you value the spirit of giving? Then make an effort to find opportunities to be generous.
  • Do you value the spiritual/religious meaning of Christmas? Then spend time reconnecting with activities that will heighten these beliefs.

Mmmmmm I dont know what I value…..about Christmas


That’s ok. It’s not unusual. Many of us, haven’t given much thought to it. We just jump on the festive bandwagon, mindlessly putting up the tree, buying presents and getting drunk at the work Christmas party.


Get clarity on your values by asking yourself:

  • What do you enjoy most about Christmas?
  • Why is Christmas important to you?
  • Who makes Christmas special?
  • How would you love to spend your Christmas?
  • What does Christmas mean to you?

Look for themes in your answers… is your family a common theme? What about friends, religion, fun, socialising or relaxation?


Check out the She Got Happy Values Page below to help prompt you:24271367_1391679870961781_1516704023_o


Once you are clear on your Christmas Values, then your Christmas activities/December focus should centre on these values.

These values must be at the heart of your Christmas experience, reflected in your daily to-do lists and your waymarker for every festive activity.


Have you been invited to a Christmas party and feel like all you want to do is sit on the beach sipping champagne by yourself? It’s possible you value Peace over Parties…. What should you do????


Politely say no to the party, grab your towel and a bottle of Moet and head to the beach. Your happiness levels will soar, and it will be a guaranteed way to get the happiness you so desire for Christmas.

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