All I want for Christmas Day 2: Avoid Perfection

All I want for Christmas Day 1 : The Value of Christmas
November 30, 2017
All I want for Christmas Day 3: Do how you want to Feel.
December 2, 2017

All I want for Christmas is 24 Days of Happiness Series

Day 2

Avoid Perfection


Do you have a picture in your head of how Christmas should be?

Perhaps the tree is supposed to look a particular way; the presents must be wrapped and arranged to reflect a magazine spread or the sweet smell of fir trees must waft through the house (in spite of not a fir pine in sight).

While setting high expectations for yourself is in many ways an admirable trait, it can come at a high price – especially at Christmas time.
You may overstretch yourself, create high levels of stress and in some cases make you very unhappy.

It’s essential that we recognise when we are making ourselves miserable ( and those around us) because we are striving to achieve a “The Perfect Christmas”.

Let’s see if you can relate to anyone these Perfectionism points?

  • You like EVERYTHING to be/look/taste/smell just right.


  • Are your efforts for Christmas to be perfect validated when others give their approval or tell you how amazing you are?


  • Do you get defensive or irritated if others try to change or interfere with your Christmas decor extravaganza?


  • You feel stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted on Boxing Day.


  • Your Christmas shopping takes up a significant of time and you are plagued by indecision… always looking for the “perfect gift”.


  • You would prefer nobody else gets involved with your Christmas arrangements… because they might get it wrong.


You get the picture. You know who you are. I know who you are…. I used to be You!
Here’s the thing – I get it. You tell yourself – “I’m not a perfectionist, I just like things done right”.

That’s ok; you don’t have to change. I’m sure your family/ friends love your unrelenting standards. It’s lovely to be the recipient of a perfectionist – you create the “perfect Christmas”.


There is a cost…. it’s your Happiness.

Perfectionism destroys Happiness.

It drains your energy. It makes you less fun to be around. It also distracts you from the present and if left to its own devices can make your relationships suffer.

No one wants to put up the Christmas tree with a Perfectionist. It’s stressful and makes you feel like a failure if you “don’t do it the right way”.

So…. I know what you are going to say (I’ve said it myself in Christmas’s of the past)….. “I’ll enjoy it when its all done – Right!’… “I cant relax until it’s done properly”… “I just want to give them a Christmas to remember”.

We don’t want you to stop caring. We love that you care.

But balance is the key.

  • Please make conscious choices about what needs to be perfect and what can be good enough.


  • Please save your energy so we can enjoy your company (not the handmade wreath that will die in 4 days).


  • Please just let us laugh while we make a mess of the Christmas dinner.


  • Please spend time with us during this special time, rather than traipsing around the shopping centre looking for our perfect present.


These are the times we will remember….. not the perfect wrapping or where you cleverly put the elf on the shelf.

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