Everyday Happiness Series – Rainbow Sparkle

Everyday Happiness Series – Ayla
March 30, 2017
All I want for Christmas Day 1 : The Value of Christmas
November 30, 2017

17634303_790482291110266_7361861565086308661_n ?—Rainbow Sparkle—?

?Chocolate and birthday parties make me happy.

?Grown ups should have more fun. They should play more Uno, dance every day and do lots of craft. They should also put their craft in an envelope and give it to people because people really love that.

?My parents are happiest when I use my manners. My Mum and Dad like that a lot!

?Glitter and pink helps happiness.

?I would be happier if I had a puppy. I would call her Rainbow Sparkle, that’s a really good name for a puppy.

?When I grow up I know I’ll be happy because I can buy as much chocolate as I like and I’ll have a camper van car and drive wherever I like to go camping.

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