July 24, 2017

Centre&Balance Bracelet


Circles represent wholeness and perfect balance. Use your Centre&Balance Bracelet as an uplifting reminder to remain centred and balanced. 

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Central to happiness and coping with stress is the ability to find Balance and feeling Centred.

So, I thought… let’s design a constant reminder to Breathe • Focus • Calm.

It’s a Centre&Balance Bracelet!

Specifically designed to allow your mind the much-needed distraction from anxiety and stress, the Centre&Balance Bracelet reminds you to practice mindful breathing and centring yourself.

In addition, you can momentarily re-align the beads during the day and whilst doing so reminding yourself to mentally re-aligning your sense of balance and centredness.

Your ability to Breathe • Focus • Calm yourself when you notice your Centre&Balance Bracelet will be enhanced through the ritual of:

  • Closing Your Eyes.
  • Relaxing Your Body.
  • Inhaling for 4. Holding the breath for 4. Exhaling for 10.
  • Repeating the mantra of “I am Centred. I am Balanced. I am Strong”

Made from Hemp Cord, the Centre&Balance Bracelet is a durable and stylish addition to every outfit…but no one will even know that it’s so much more than just a cute little bracelet.

It’s your secret weapon when the world becomes hectic and overwhelming.

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