All I want for Christmas Day 3: Do how you want to Feel.

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December 1, 2017
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December 3, 2017

All I want for Christmas is 24 Days of Happiness Series

Day 3

Do how you want to Feel


How do you want to feel at Christmas?

I’m pretty sure not many people will say they want to feel overwhelmed, stressed and exhausted. Somehow this is a typical experience for many.


So how do we change this?

We Do How We Want To Feel.


Tuning into our emotional state allows us to make choices about where we are emotionally and take control of the activities that are causing us to feel miserable.

You get to decide how you want to feel over the Christmas period.


You can choose to do things that make you feel stressed or choose to do things that make you feel peaceful and calm.


Heres an example: A few ago I friend told me about her favourite Christmas childhood memory – her family would go to the Myer Christmas windows and afterwards they would all eat pancakes. It sounded wonderful, and I thought to myself “Yes! I’ll do that too!”. It would feel loving, exciting and filled with festive charm.


It wasn’t. It was hell.

We spent 2 hours lining up, the kids were bored senseless, and by the time we sat down for pancakes I was at my wit’s end. My kid’s childhood memory of this outing was probably one of Mummy screaming, frustration and swearing (under her breathe) rather than of happiness.


So….. now that I’ve got that off my chest – its time to tell you how you can do it better than I did.


Choose how you want to feel for the next 21 days from the She Got Happy Feelings list below:



It’s best if you can connect with at least three feelings that you would like to focus on during this hectic time.


They are your primary focus.

They are your waymarkers for navigating all activities.

They are your gauge for choosing what to say yes to and what to say no to. 


Now you have your feeling focus. You need to think of activities that will make you feel this way. Choose carefully, be a bit selfish and make these feelings your Christmas priority.


Yes, you still need to do other less fabulous tasks at Christmas – like attending that dreaded Chrismas party or tackling the traffic at the shopping centre…. but if you find ways to increase these feelings during these tasks, then your happiness levels will improve.


Maybe you should take your bestie shopping with you to make you feel light-hearted.


Perhaps you can plan for pleasure stops while you’re shopping (foot massage or champers anyone?)


Whatever you decide to do – make sure it heightens these feelings for you. Not your kids, not your partner, not the lady down the street….. JUST YOU!


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