All I want for Christmas Day 4: Cut The Crap

All I want for Christmas Day 3: Do how you want to Feel.
December 2, 2017
All I want for Christmas Day 6: Schedule It
December 6, 2017

All I want for Christmas is 24 Days of Happiness Series

Day 4

Cut The Crap


It’s Day 4 & it’s time to Cut The Crap!


Let’s have a look at what you have going on at the moment ?


We want to sniff out anything that is draining your happiness.


• Are you doing too much…. or not enough?


• Are you cramming your to-do lists with crap that can wait until after Christmas?


• Are you getting caught up in traditions that no longer serve you or your family?


• Are you worried about your credit card bill?


• Do you really need to buy presents for Uncle Jimmy and his nine kids?


Getting caught up in all this crap will drain your happiness.


Try as you might boost your happiness in every other way – if you don’t identify the crap that’s dragging you down, you are making it impossible to feel happy this Christmas.


Today is all about Cutting The Crap that’s weighing you down.

  • Be ruthless.
  • Be “selfish”.
  • Make life easier for yourself.


Create a great big list of all the things you need to do in December.

Then go through the list and Cut The Crap.

  • Cut the activities that make you feel crappy.
  • Cut the meaningless purchases.
  • Cut the things that can wait until the new year.
  • Cut the crap that doesn’t align with your values.
  • Cut the need for everything to be perfect.


If you find this hard, ask someone to help you Cut The Crap. Sometimes we get caught up in our Crap that an objective pair of eyes can be more helpful/ruthless than we could ever be.

Best of Luck and I’ll be back tomorrow to Focus On What Counts


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