5 Ways to Find Your Bliss
April 20, 2018

Would you like to know why Finding Your Bliss is so important?

As business owners, mothers, partners, sisters, daughters, best friends… etc… We wear so many hats.

We are constantly trying to make everyone happy.

It’s an admirable trait and its what makes us so special.

But its also what can make us feel burnout, miserable and often we lose sight of the most important role we have… to take care of ourselves!

When we de-prioritise ourselves and we burn all our precious energy on others… often making ourselves miserable in the process.

Then we get stuck. We may get worn down. And perhaps even bitter and resentful???

We may lose interest in activities, we may feel like robots just getting through the day and unfortunately we may even blame ourselves for a lack of motivation or procrastination.

It’s not uncommon. It’s because we often care so much about others that we get to this place.

But how do we come back to the centre?

How do we find our MoJo? … How do we ‘Get Happy’ again?

Well, the answer is both complicated and simple (eye roll, yes that’s a very Psychologist thing to say).

The simple part is that you recognise that you have lost yourself along the way … or stand up and say… “is this it? is this how I want to live my life?”.

The complicated part is what you will do with where you are. You may know your not happy or acknowledge that you want/need more… but then what?

Well after years of helping women to shift from “getting through the day” to living a happy and fulfilling life… here’s my advice:


  •  Put yourself back on your to-do list.
  • Say yes when you want to and No when you don’t want to.
  • Treat your time as a precious commodity that you cannot waste.
  • Be generous with yourself and schedule blissful moments that make life worth living.
  • Challenge yourself when you say No I couldn’t possibly do that! Who says you cant do that? Why Not.

Take that trip to Bali.

Say No to your staff/children/partner.

Have sleep-in on a Sunday.

Make yourself a priority.

You will be a better Boss, Mother, Partner, Sister, Daughter and Best friend because of it.

You will be Happier, have more Energy, be more Fun to have around and here’s a new one… wake up in the morning… looking forward to the day ahead.

xxx Mel xxx

Join us in Bali as we help you Find Your Bliss 


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